After Sunset: UNIVERSE

The Story

As the first generation of forest settlers arrived in the woodland decades ago, a recollection of the birth of the Guilds has seemingly been lost to time. It’s up to you to uncover the truth, and figure out what was missing.

The Ancient Forest

The home of the Guilds is an ancient, magical forest, located in the deep East of Astrum. Due to its isolated location, the forest is untouched by the planet’s industrialization - and a mysterious, reflective magic barrier, referred to as the forest’s edge, prevents any of the Guild’s inhabitants from leaving the woodland, effectively snubbing the belief that anything exists beyond their borders.

The forest experiences typical weather patterns, and aside from the Guilds, no other intelligent life appears to exist. Guild-neutral prey are limited to their primal instincts, and show no signs of having potential to evolve beyond this.

Additionally, in the midst of every lunar cycle, on the night of the first full moon, a mysterious sound wave of energy ripples through the forest, attributed to restoring the gradually draining powers of the Guilds. Every creature requires exposure to this monthly event in order to keep their magical abilities at peak performance, but neither Guild knows where the energy waves originate from. Many believe it comes from the deepest corners of the forest…


This subcategory will frequently be updated.

  • SOVEREIGN: Sovereigns are the lone rulers of their Guild. They’re the single authority figure present, and are responsible for creating and mandating all the rules and expectations for their followers.
  • ARISTOCRAT: Aristocrats are the Sovereign’s finest warriors - typically used to ensure Guild organization. Aristocrats typically carry out Sovereign dirty work, such as representing them during battles, or relaying information between Guilds.
  • SOLUCEA: Solucea refers to Soldraken healers.
  • SANASTELLA: Sanastella refers to Lunarex healers.
  • SOLCREST: Solcrest refers to Soldraken combatants.
  • STELATOR: Stelator refers to Lunarex combatants.
  • ACOLYTE: Acolytes are the apprentices of the Guilds - the students. With the assistance of their mentor, they train obediently to learn how to utilize their desired Affinities - and once their Sovereigns are confident in their abilities, they graduate into the role they suit best.
  • FRESHBLOOD: Freshbloods are the youngest of the Guilds. They have no access to magic until they become Acolytes, and are finally granted the ability to choose what Affinity they wish to study.
  • RUNAWAY: Runaways are exiled Guildmembers.
  • ROAMER: Roamers are rogues living in the forest without previous Guild affiliation - although none have been encountered to date.

After Sunset utilizes standard terms [i.e: day, month, year] to distinguish the passing of time. However, each term has altered timing.
  • ONE YEAR in the forest consists of eight months.
  • EACH MONTH that passes in real time correlates to two months in-universe.
  • EACH SEASON in-universe lasts for four months.

As for character age ranges,
  • FRESHBLOODS range from 0 to 10 years.
  • ACOLYTES range from 10 to 18 years.

Additionally, ACOLYTE TRAINING PROGRESSION is divided into four milestones. At the end of every month, every Acolyte will be required to take a test based on the Affinity they’ve studied - four passed tests results in graduation.
Should an Acolyte complete all their tests at every milestone, they’ll graduate after two seasons.

Local Folklore

The forest border is a reflective magical barrier surrounding the furthest corners of the woods. Said to be roughly thirty meters high, the barrier covers the entirety of the forest like a dome. The border reflects everything inside it, and has a cold, jelly-like texture.

Although nothing can pass through the barrier from the inside, evidently, this rule doesn’t apply to the outside wall. The Guilds frequently experience various weather patterns, such as rainstorms or hail, and sunlight has no problem beaming through the magic forcefield. This rule was responsible for the naming of Roamers, as the Guilds, unknowing to what lurks in the deepest edges of the woods, are unsure as to whether other creatures have snuck into their home unbeknownst to them.

Like most historical knowledge, the creation of the forest border is unknown to the current generations of the Guilds. While most are satisfied with its existence, and their simple lives inside its borders, others are curious as to what the border is hiding beyond its walls.

Luna Prime refers to a monthly event where a mysterious sound wave of energy is released into the forest from an unknown location. Exposure to this wave evidently recharges the constantly draining powers of the Guilds, which are typically at their weakest after the passing of a month.

The wave itself is accompanied by a shrill harmonic melody, which is said to leave ringing eardrums after it passes. The origin of Luna Prime is unknown, but is rumored to be from some apparent entity deep inside the forest.

Although it stands as an unwritten rule, each generation of Sovereigns has abided by a single law - their successor must be related to them by blood. Typically, this law materializes in the form of Sovereigns raising their children to take their place, although it is not limited to siblings, parents, cousins, or half-blood relatives. As long as the planned successor is a pureblood relative to the current Sovereign, their eventual rulership is guaranteed - as raising a child to take one’s place ensures that the beliefs and expectations of the current ruler are passed along.

When a Freshblood reaches their tenth birthday, they’re brought to their first Luna Prime for their Affinity Selection Ceremony. This ceremony is considered the birth of a new Acolyte, as the child’s first exposure to the wave of energy will bestow upon them their natural born Affinities.

Although all Freshbloods are born with their Affinities, they only become evident after first exposure. The powers will materialize themselves mere seconds after the wave, erupting out of the newly declared Acolyte to display their presence before calming down. While this ceremony is typically seen as monumental, it can also unintentionally out a halfblood child.