After Sunset: Operation

After Sunset operates on a choose-your-own-adventure guideline. In our universe, we strictly follow the action equals consequence rule - the choices your characters decide to make in-roleplay will influence how certain events play out. In order to gain a favorable route, you need to be acutely aware of your surroundings and the risks at hand - impulsive decisions never turn out well!

Additionally, we make use of statistics, dice rolls, and randomizers to give every aspect of After Sunset a sense of unpredictability. Victory is never guaranteed.

Conflict Mechanics

Conflict in-roleplay [such as one-on-one duels] typically operate on a dice roll system. In order to determine the succession of your character’s attack, you’ll be required to roll dice for offense & defense. If your offense is higher than your opponent’s defense, you deal damage. However, if vice versa, you take damage.

Damage will be gradually subtracted from your total HP, which determines how much health you have for the duration of the battle. Once you hit zero, you lose. Health cannot be restored during the battle.

In one-on-one battles, spectators can additionally place bets on who they believe will win. If you place a bet on the victor, you win thirty to fifty Eclipse Ore. If you bet on the loser, however, you lose that much. Keep in mind that betting is entirely optional, though!

Exploration Mechanics

Each Guild will start out with their own personal map of the forest. This map will dictate what areas they’ve explored, and what they have access to - undiscovered locations will remain blacked out until five or more Guildmembers trek out to see them.

In order to explore an undiscovered area, there’s a simple formula:
  1. Reach out to a Gamemaster and check their availability. If a Gamemaster is willing to oversee your exploration, you’re good to continue! If not, try to reschedule with them.
  2. Gather a group of five or more roleplayers for your adventure. These roleplayers must remain active for the duration of the exploration, and they must be a part of your Guild.
  3. Under the guidance of your Gamemaster, head to the area you want to explore!
When you explore an undiscovered location, there’s a plethora of things you can find. Natural resources, new prey, and even magical artifacts can be discovered! Be cautious, though - these newfound territories might host an arrangement of threats that you and your exploration partners will have to brave head-on.

Once you return from your expedition, the location you’ve discovered will be added to your Guild’s personal map. Additionally, all the resources & threats you encountered will be documented as well. You will be given a cooldown, though - after one exploration, your Guild can’t trek out again for another full week.

However, both Guilds can explore all of the forest at will - even if their opposition discovered it before them. Although the first Guild to discover a new location will have the chance to mark it as their territory, another Guild could easily erase these borders and overwrite them with their own. It’s important that if you intend to claim territory that you’ve found as your own, you need to be watching it regularly! Border patrols may be a necessity in order to prevent your opponent from stealing natural resources.

When a location has been discovered by both Guilds, it will be updated on the forest map, a map that can be read and accessed by all Guildmembers, regardless of their allegiance. Once the entire map has been discovered, new territory will be unlocked.

Uncovering Mysteries

You live in a world where the truth is hidden from you, always a few feet away from your grasp. Rulers of the past have worked hard to hide the history of the Guilds from the new generation - ensuring that you and those after you will happily live in mindless ignorance for the rest of your days. But the status quo feels unnatural, and you know that there has to be more to life - more beyond the typical cycle of war. It’s up to you and those around you to pick up the missing pieces, and put together the final picture everyone’s been missing for so long.

Periodically, clues towards certain ongoing mysteries will be uncovered through exploration events, quests, or major plotlines. It’s up to you to compile these clues and figure out their mutual correlation - as not everything you uncover may be truthful. Be wary, however - should you discover the truth, your Guild may not trust your word…. ensure you have a compelling argument before you present what you've discovered, or your Guildmembers may not take kindly to your intended

Roleplay Randomization

Biweekly, dice will be rolled to determine random status changes for each Guild. These include:
  • Weather Updates
  • Food & Water Shortages
  • Supply & Herb Shortages
  • Natural Disasters
These changes will be announced publicly in our Discord server, then published in either Guild’s news channel. From there, the Guilds have their own responsibility to respond to the events at hand appropriately.

For example, if a Guild is facing a food and/or water shortage, and their opposition is not, would they consider raiding for the sake of stealing supplies? Would they rather try to stake a deal at their own terms? Or would they simply prefer to explore new territories in hopes of finding a substitute for their missing supplies? It’s entirely up to you!