After Sunset: Gameplay

Mystery of the Forest

Life in the forest is all that the Guilds have ever known. With the forest border preventing even the most curious creature from venturing beyond the comforts of home, the Guilds have become comfortable with their predictable lives, happy to live in the darkness of the unknown if it means following the traditions passed down from the first settlers.

Not all are satisfied with this resolution, however, as the truth behind the birth of the Guild’s rivalry has mysteriously been hidden from the newest generation. No stories have been passed down by elders from a past Sovereign’s rule - no documents have been written to chronicle the life and death of every ruler and their kin. Too much is missing. Too much has been left in the dark.

You are the new generation of this historical hatred, and you have a choice.
Do you wish to trek into the unknown shadow of the forest, seeking the answers you lack?
Or would you prefer to sit idle, and allow the legacy of ignorance to continue?

Someone has hidden the truth from you.
It’s up to you to find it.

Survival of the Fittest

The forest is a ruthless mistress. While she obediently provides you with all the necessary materials for your survival, you have to fight tooth and nail to ensure you get your fair share of them. Every creature in the forest is desperately clawing up the same mountain to survive - but there’s not enough space at the peak for everyone. If you aren’t determined enough to make a name for yourself - to strike fear in the hearts of others to guarantee your protection - you will undoubtedly fall prey to the cruel ways of the woodland. The forest doesn’t need you to survive, but you need it. If you aren’t constantly striving to be the best of your Guild, you’ll be swept away into a sea of nameless, fallen warriors of the past.

Your Purpose

You are a part of your Guild - you are a cog in their machine. Your lone duty is to keep yourself alive, and to keep your people alive. Obey those above you, and ensure that the opposition falls. It’s a simple rule.

And never show doubt. Never show concern with your Sovereign’s choices - never appear to be indecisive about participating in a battle. To be unsure about your Guild and her decisions is a death sentence - anything other than complete obedience is seen as betrayal.
These expectations - your purpose - are one of the only resolute pieces of the past. They were created by the first settlers, you’ve been told. But you wonder, did the settlers truly enter the forest for this purpose alone? Is hate the only thing anyone is ever born for? Is it the only thing anyone is trained for?

Surely there has to be more to life… more that you’re destined for.
But the answers you seek may lie beyond the forest’s borders.

Action & Consequence

Everything you do will have an influence on your life. Even the most miniscule action - such as you deciding to stay home on a morning patrol - would prevent you from intercepting a major event, such as said patrol being attacked and killed on their way out of camp.

This rule applies to every action in After Sunset - everything your character does has the potential to change the course of events in the forest. Be cautious with your actions and words, and always think one step ahead when making a decision - you never know who may suffer thanks to your choice. For all you know, it might end up being you.