Interested in joining us? That's great! But before you can, you'll need to make your character.

Character Creation Guidelines

  • Your character must start in a Guild, whether it be Soldraken or Lunarex.
  • Characters cannot have been born outside of the forest.
  • Characters can either be one species or hybrids - however, they must abide by the alloted list of species below.
The following species are allowed in After Sunset.

Domesticated Cats, Large Dogs, Coyotes, Dingoes, Foxes, Wolverines, Squirrels, Mice, Chipmunks, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Otters, Possums, Meerkats, Sugar Gliders, Weasels, Groundhogs, Martens, Mink, Stoat, Pangolin, Skunk, Rabbits, Bats, Raccoons, Tanukis, Red Pandas, Badgers, Deer, Elk, & Meese.

The following species, however, are not allowed in After Sunset.

Small Dogs [i.e: Chihuahuas, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Beagles, etc.], Cold-blooded Animals [Iguanas, Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Alligators, Crocodiles, Snakes, Frogs, Scorpions, etc.], Exotic Wild Cats [Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Cheetah, Jaguars, Leopards], Hedgehogs, Porcupines, Beavers, Sloths, Pigs, Horses, Kangaroos, Monkeys, Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Bugs, & Spiders.


  • Characters can be a maximum height of 8 feet tall.
  • Characters must be realistically colored, unless dye is purchased/created at a later date. Bright colors or unrealistic markings [i.e: shapes such as hearts, stars, clovers, etc.] should be avoided.
  • Characters cannot enter After Sunset with physical weapons.
  • Physical disabilities [i.e: blindness] do not need to be purchased, but they will hinder your character.
  • Characters cannot be related to current/previous Sovereigns without the explicit permission of a Gamemaster. If you have an idea related to this point that you’d like to propose, include your proposition in your application submission, and discussion will be carried forward should you be accepted.
  • Names must be single-prefix, but your character cannot be named after objects/concepts that would not be present in the forest. Additionally, your character’s name can either be in English, Latin, Spanish, or Norse.
  • Although casual wear is accepted for a character’s outfit, we suggest that all outfits have some fantasy aspect to them. Name brands are not accepted.
  • Upon creation, characters can only have a maximum of two Tier One affinities. The affinities you select must be compatible for your character to be accepted.
  • Acolytes will start roleplay with little to no understanding of their affinities, while Combatants will have much more. However, training will be a requirement for both parties in order for them to fully unlock the capabilities of their affinity/affinities.
  • Your character should have no understanding of the history of the Guilds, nor of the world beyond the forest border.
  • Characters won’t know of locations they haven’t visited before.
  • While we allow mature themes to be explored in a character’s story if done respectfully, we do not allow themes of heavy abuse or sexual assault to be touched on. If your character’s backstory does happen to elaborate on darker themes, we kindly ask you to provide a trigger warning in your application for the benefit of other participants.

Character Creation Suggestions

Want a unique origin story for your character, but you’re unsure how to go about writing one with the constraints of the forest? Think outside of the box!

  • Your character was born to a Runaway parent, who joined the opposite Guild after their exile.
  • [Be sure to check that the Guild you wish to join is accepting of runaways first!]

  • If you have a Freshblood character you’d like to make, you can have them be born into an active family!
  • [During the application submission process, state that you’re looking for an open family. If a Gamemaster can find one for you, your contact information will be given to the roleplayers of your character’s new parents!]

    Or, you can have your Freshblood character be adopted from a nameless Runaway/the opposite Guild!

    [If your character was adopted from a nameless runaway, you don’t need to reach out to a Gamemaster for permission beforehand. Just make sure they’re a pureblood if you intend for them to join Soldraken! If your character was adopted from the opposite Guild, however, you will need to establish your desire to pursue this idea beforehand. In order to make the most compelling case in your favor, give us a unique story as to why they were adopted!]

  • Be as creative as you want with your character’s design! As long as you’re following the appropriate rules, your character can have the outfit and hairstyle of your choice! Additionally, you can give them accessories and makeup should you see fit.
  • There are no limits as to what hybrids you can make within the accepted species list, so try out unique combinations.
  • Want to establish relationships for your character early? State what you’re looking for during the application submission process, and a Gamemaster will correspondingly find the best match for you!
  • Unique colorings, such as heterochromia, albinism, or melanism, do not require an initial purchase beforehand. Have fun with them!

Your Application

Once you have your character ready, it's time to create your written application. Your application must follow the outlined format presented below, but if you’d like to add additional information, feel free to do so. Applications must either be written on Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Deviantart [whether in the description of your final submission or on s.tash], and the link must be accessible to our Gamemasters. If we’re unable to access your application, we’ll let you know - but if you don’t get back to us, your submission will be left in limbo.

Additionally, all written applications must be entirely in English. If English isn’t your first language, however, and you worry that this may complicate your writing, let us know when you submit your completed joining package.

Below is a link to a blank copy of our written application. Everything must be filled in accordingly for your form to be considered; minus optional headers, which will be marked with a ★.