After Sunset: Soultracker Cards

Soultracker Cards are not only registration tags for each of your characters, but they act as a useful information resource for day-to-day roleplay. For every character you submit to After Sunset, a corresponding Soultracker Card is required.

But how do you go about making one?

At the center of the Soultracker Card is a generous space to upload a reference of your character. References are a requirement for every card, but we have a few additional expectations for what kind of image you can use.
  • References must be fullbodies. Preferably, try to avoid having anything other than the character in this space - inventory items or closeups on certain design features should be cut out, if possible.
  • Although digital references are preferred, traditional is allowed should the scan of the image be clear.
  • Try to keep the character inside the borders of the center box.
On either side of the character reference, you’ll find space to list various information about your character. All of these must be filled!
  • NAME: Simple! Your character’s name. Try to avoid including nicknames or last names - these can be listed on your written application.
  • GENDER: Your character’s gender. Please avoid including pronouns - again, these can be listed on your written application.
  • ALLEGIANCE: What Guild does your character belong to? Soldraken or Lunarex?
  • POSITION: What rank is your character?
  • ROSTER SLOT: The roster refers to your personal lineup of characters. Should you be creating your first character, you’ll list them as “PRIMARY”. Any characters after them will be listed as “SECONDARY”.
  • PALETTE: Your character’s color palette! Labels aren’t required.
  • SOUL CLASS: Your Primary character will be considered a “SECONDBLOOD”. Secondary characters will be considered “FIRSTBLOODS”.
  • AFFINITY: What Affinity/Affinities was your character born with? Remember - they must be compatible!
  • ADDITIONAL AFFINITIES: What additional Affinities has your character learned?
  • Unless your character has studied any Affinities beyond the ones they trained under during Acolytehood, this should remain empty.

  • RATIO: Ratio refers to the Magic to Blood Ratio - a system in Astrum that determines a creature’s magic proficiency based on their exposure to magic and the corresponding level in their blood.
FRESHBLOODS have a permanent ratio of 0.5.
If your character is an ACOLYTE undergoing training for only ONE affinity, they’ll have a ratio of 1.
If your character is an ACOLYTE undergoing training for TWO affinities, they’ll have a ratio of 1.5.
COMBATANTS with only ONE affinity have a ratio of 2.
COMBATANTS with TWO affinities have a ratio of 2.5.

As for additionally learned affinities,
An additionally learned TIER ONE affinity will add +0.5 to a ratio.
An additionally learned TIER TWO affinity will add +1 to a ratio.
An additionally learned TIER THREE affinity will add +1.5 to a ratio.
An additionally learned TIER FOUR affinity will add +2 to a ratio.
  • INVENTORY: Here, you can list the main objects that your character usually carries around - such as a certain weapon, an accessory, or a miscellaneous tool.
  • Try to only list the most important part of your character’s inventory here, as the majority of objects they carry [such as medical resources or quest items] will be catalogued in After Sunset’s official inventory.
After you’ve filled out everything above, you only have one more thing to do - your statistics!
Statistics are entirely up to your choosing. Per your character’s rank, you’ll have a specific amount of points that you can split into the nine categories - how you choose to do that is up to you! Keep in mind that all statistics will come into play during some aspect of roleplay, though, so choose wisely! Once your form is submitted, your statistics can’t be changed!
  • FRESHBLOODS will have 15 points to split into their statistics. Their OFFENSE & DEFENSE can be no higher than 3.
  • Additionally, keep in mind that most behavioral traits [such as intelligence or charisma] will only become evident with age - a young Freshblood reasonably will display little to no charisma, even if they have a reasonable amount of points in that statistic
  • ACOLYTES will have 30 points to split into their statistics.
  • COMBATANTS & HEALERS will have 45 points to split into their statistics.
Once you've completed everything above, transfer all your character information onto the image template below. Your Soultracker Card should be of good quality, and should have a transparent background. We suggest that you try to avoid handwriting Soultracker information in the favor of tidiness.