After Sunset: The Guilds

Soldraken, the Followers of the Sun.

Soldraken is the Guild of the sun, prioritizing organization and unity above all else. With pretentious moral values and religious beliefs, all Soldraken Guildmembers are expected to follow the same strict standards - there is no room for leniency in their perfect empire.

Led by Sovereign Akatosh, most of Soldraken’s operations are derived directly from his generational beliefs. Akatosh is known to value an imbalanced power dynamic between himself and his Guildmembers, ensuring that he’s the lone source of power within the Guild. No one is to ever challenge the Soldraken Sovereign, as he knows best.

Physical Characteristics

Soldraken Guildmembers are typically known to be larger in stature, boasting bulky frames with a generally muscular body mass. As physical strength is prioritized above all else, most creatures with a Soldraken upbringing are known to have excellent stamina and offensive capabilities - but end up falling short in regards to agility and speed.

Genetically, lighter pelts are common in Soldraken, alongside amber and brown eyes. Creatures raised in the Guild also usually are born with thicker pelts.

Aesthetically, however, Soldraken tends to indulge in fantastically intricate outfits. Their royal ensembles are known to resemble the sun, always utilizing bright, warm colors, and on occasion, sunflower symbolism to tie themselves to Akatosh. Soldraken followers are also known to use more natural accessories than Lunarex, often harvesting materials around their territory for the sole purpose of beauty regimes.

Traditions & Morals

Soldraken believes strongly in genetic purity. Above all else, Akatosh prioritizes a genetic clarity in his followers - mixed bloodlines are seen as a curse, due to the Guild’s immense distaste of Lunarex. Should a child in his Guild be born with partial Lunarex genes, they and their parents will immediately be outcasted, portrayed as traitors to the Guild. Due to Akatosh’s favor over perfect warriors, however, Guildmembers born with evident disadvantages [i.e: being deaf or blind] are often looked down on, and outcast if the parents fail to vouch for their child. Should the parents succeed, however, they’ll be expected to work overtime for the Guild as compensation, until the child is old enough to prove themselves worthy of a Soldraken title.

Alongside this genetic expectation, Soldraken has an unspoken list of expectations to follow in everyday regimes.
  • Warriors fight for the Guild’s benefit, not for their own.
  • Younger Guildmembers always hold the utmost priority. Their safety is valued more than the safety of an average warrior.
  • If killing benefits the Guild, then it is justified. Killing for sport or in the name of personal spite is frowned upon.
  • Anything goes if it means the Guild will continue to thrive.
  • A strict battle formula must always be followed in war to counteract the chaotic misdirection of Lunarex.
  • Warriors must always spend their time working to enhance their skills to better serve the Guild.
Additionally, Soldraken Guildmembers are often encouraged to challenge pre-existing Aristocrats for their position if they believe they can do their job better. The challenger and the Aristocrat will be sent out on a trial, and the warrior that comes out on top reigns triumphant - whether this results in the challenger stealing the position, or the Aristocrat keeping their role.


Soldraken believes that the land they own was a gift from Kasui, a deity perceived to be the Goddess of Light. This entity is said to present herself as an ethereal glowing spirit, and is rumored to be the source of Luna Prime. Because of this, many Soldraken warriors often have a paranoid apprehension towards using their magic for “unworthy tasks”, such as killing for personal gain, as the forest’s magic is said to have been a gift from the Goddess herself. Soldraken believes that magic should be used to benefit everyone in their Guild, and creatures who evidently use their talents to serve their own personal agenda will be shunned for their selfishness.

Because of Lunarex’s unpredictability with their magic, and typical lack of morality on the battlefield, many Soldraken warriors see the Guild as disrespectful and greedy, perceiving their usage as a direct insult to Kasui’s gift.

Lunarex, the Followers of the Moon.

Lunarex is the Guild of the moon, attributed to be unhinged, cunning, and ruthless. Lunarex Guildmembers operate on a strict ‘survival of the fittest’ basis, lacking much coordination to ensure their own individual succession. They value freedom strongly, and will do whatever they must to come out on top.

Led by Sovereign Zirotu, Lunarex's members tend to follow suit in her pursuit of rebellion. As one of the youngest Sovereigns in the history of the Guilds, Zirotu is regarded as scarily professional for her age, with an intimidating unpredictability. No one knows where she may strike next.

Physical Characteristics

Pureblood Lunarex Guildmembers are known to have thinner builds, with slim, skinny bodies and taller heights. Known to prioritize defensive combat over offensive, Lunarex warriors make the best of their genetics, their builds often resulting in most warriors triumphing with stronger agility, speed, and stealth - although they’re known to fall short in regards to endurance and stamina.

Genetically, darker pelts are common in Lunarex, alongside blue, green, or grey eyes. Creatures raised in the Guild are also known to have thinner pelts.

While Lunarex often revels in fantastical designs alongside Soldraken, the Guild is known to focus more so on outfit practicality for ease of movement. Their ensembles contain symbolism tied to the night, making use of moons or stars to make their loyalty apparent. Additionally, Lunarex Guildmembers wear darker colors, and typically only utilize accessories for the sake of carrying around weapons or other beneficial tools.

Traditions & Morals

While Soldraken prioritizes genetic purity, Lunarex is much more lenient towards mixed bloodlines. As Soldraken typically outcasts those with Lunarex blood, the Guild is quick to recruit those who have been shunned out of their rival’s ranks, using the newly recruited half blood as a bragging point. Lunarex will even encourage their members to have a child with a Soldraken warrior, as it sullies the Guild’s purity and allows them to incorporate newfound abilities into their genetic tree.

Additionally, Lunarex follows the rules of the wild - if you can’t keep yourself alive, you’re unworthy of respect. Sovereign Zirotu is known to favor those who make a stake in the world - clawing out a name for yourself through blood, sweat, and tears is what earns you a name within Lunarex. Those who fail to do so, however, are often seen as weak links, and are pressured into bettering themselves with the threat or punishment or abandonment.

Because of this motto, Lunarex Guildmembers always serve themselves above the Guild. While the Guild’s warriors will always be seen working together during conflict, the creatures will all internally be attempting to one-up each other, using the experience as an excuse to prove that they’re worthier than the rest. Guildmembers are also frequently known to challenge each other - fighting over status, power, or supplies. The winner always takes what was bargained, even if it was at the cost of ripping away another creature’s life.


Lunarex perceives Kasui to be a deity of darkness and power, ruling in the shadows to intimidate those beneath her. The Goddess is portrayed to be a creature of raw magic, who only shares her gift with her worthiest children. Because of this, Lunarex believes that if they should prove themselves worthy of her attention, she will bestow upon them the power to dismantle Soldraken and escape the forest - and that the magic of the land was merely presented as a tool to do so.

Due to Soldraken’s sheepish use of magic, Lunarex typically perceives them as laughable, confident that Kasui will perceive them as the worthy Guild against Soldraken’s cautious, rule-abiding ways.