Welcome to After Sunset!
Two hundred years ago, an ancient Kingdom rose from the shambles of the past with the intention to rule over Astrum. Two villainous Gods and their corrupt domain spread hellfire and darkness across the planet, plunging thousands of innocent souls into an inexplicable despair. However, as per the legacy goes, when in her time of need, a new generation of Heroes would rise to return Astrum to her former glory. Thus, the final generation of warriors, a fierce battalion named CoastClan, challenged the wicked Kingdom, and purged their evil from the planet once more. After peace had been restored, they disappeared - and now, hundreds of years later, the heroes are just a vague memory.

Our story begins in the far East, thousands of miles away from the ruins of the fallen Kingdom. The Guilds of Soldraken and Lunarex live their lives peacefully in an enchanted forest, blissfully accepting to the mysterious border that sufficiently has them trapped inside the woodland. The Guilds have little to no care for what lies beyond their territories, however - their lifestyle has been sustained by generations of leaders before them, and the torch has been passed down. It's their expectation to follow tradition.
It's their only purpose.

But when a hauntingly familiar siren's call begins to beckon them into the unknown, the Guilds will discover that their existence may not has been as purposeless as they initially believed.

Will you pursue the mysteries of Astrum, or will you remain in the shadows of ignorance for all eternity?
After Sunset is a literate, invite-only roleplaying experience hosted on Discord.

In the vast universe of Astrum, the Guilds of Soldraken & Lunarex are struggling to coexist in the limited terrain of the enchanted woodland they call home. Both Guilds perceive their opposition as a threat to their life, and thus, a grueling rivalry has been staked between both groups, with the inherent belief that only the strongest can survive in the forest.

But when a mysterious voice ushers them to uncover the mysteries hidden beyond their territory walls, the Guilds will have to make a difficult decision:
Are they willing to give up the will of their ancestors just to make the siren's call stop?